Thursday, September 30

Julian Smith and Bad News (if you like some of the bands I listen to)

So, I'm kinda bummed out.
Karate High School broke up because Paul was stupid and decided to become a zoologist. This was earlier in the year, but still. Click here to read about it. Then, I found out that The Fall of Troy had broken up, too. Just when I had started to like them. So that was sad, too. THEN, Kurt left Dance Gavin Dance. That one hurt... I'd finally grown used to his hair cut (that's him in the middle... if you watch this music video, you'll see). On the bright side, the line up is going right back to the original... but still. Happiness was an amazing album, so now I'm expecting Downtown Battle Mountain stuff again... (no, not just because now they're making a Downtown Battle Mountain pt. 2... no way.) which was okay. And THEN, as if to kick me while I was still trying to recover from DGD, I heard yesterday that Sky Eats Airplane is breaking up.* D: So I think sometime this weekend, I'm just going to have a party (AKA: Sitting in my room with my laptop) and just listen to KHS, DGD's Happiness album, and SEA. Yup. I think it'll be nice.
And, just to cheer me (and possibly you) up from this horribleness, here's another Julian Smith video**!

:D Awesome possum. Have a nice weekend (if Friday would ever come around -__-)!!!
*- After doing some research, I have found nothing on the possible break up. So... LOTS OF HOPE!
**- if you can't see the whole video, just know that you can click on it & it'll go to youtube... yeah.

Hope is lost. I know a guy who knows a guy who plays for Even Cameras Lie, a band that played with Sky Eats Airplane, so... yeah. They broke up 9/26/10... too close to my birthday, I think. :P I AM SO SAD NOW, AND THERE IS A FOUR DAY WEEKEND HERE. D;

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