Saturday, January 29

Blast From the Past

Since someone mentioned our background in a comment a few days ago, and Rianna mentioned our old background, I thought I'd let you guys see what it looked like. It's kind of weird, now that I think of it... The suns are much prettier. And I think we've had them the longest, too. I also found a picture of frootloops (isn't it weird that it's spelled like that?) and a random rainbow paint thing saved on my computer. I don't think we had them for very long, because I don't remember them. We also had a Maximum Ride background for a while, but I don't think I have that saved.

Man, this brings back memories.

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Rian said...


... Why isn't yellow included in our blog colors? it's always in the background (except for the MR one).

ALSO... I do not remember having a frootloops (yes, that is weird. It should be fruitloops... but that looks weird, too) background at any point in time. I remember the first one (it was a template), the rainbow, the mustard, and this one, but don't remember frootloops... D:

Kris said...

hm... i'm not sure why yellow isn't included in our colors. i guess because yellow marker doesn't look that great? i dunno... anyway, we've had some weird backgrounds, but the only one i remembered really clearly before looking it up was the blue and greenish dotted one we had first... the template one.

Rian said...

Yeah. I remembered that one, the rainbow one, & the MR one pretty clearly before, but for some reason I thought the clouds were yellow xD

and i suppose that could be a very valid reason why :)

Kris said...

yeah, i thought the clouds were yellow and the background was pink.... i'm not sure why. it's a great thing i'm weird and save this stuff.

Rian said...

Definitely! I dunno what I'd do without your weirdness! xD