Saturday, January 29

To All You DGD Fans:

Have you listened to their new song?! (if you haven't, click here)
I really don't know what to think about it right now.
I feel like it's a good song, but I don't really feel that it's... Dance Gavin Dance, ya know? I've been listening to it and various DTBM songs (Alex English, And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman, etc), and I don't really feel like it captures the essence of what they've established over the past 5 years :( On the other hand, I do enjoy the song a bit, and (probably just because it's been stuck in my head for the past two days) the music kind of makes me think of Tides of Man's Not My Love 2. [upon further inspection, I don't know how I made that connection. It's purely based off the fact that ToM has been stuck in my head & that's somehow gotten mixed in to the constant playing of DTBM and Heat Seeking Ghost... sorry. I'm weird]
But... I mean I guess it's kind of similar in some ways... like the guitar? I dunno. I'm really bad at listening to music & critiquing it. Whoa. Critiquing looks like a weird word. I like criticizing better. But then that looks weird, too... ANYWAY. Yeah. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to getting DTBM2 as much as I was looking forward to get Happiness- the one DGD album I can actually listen to all the songs constantly. Don't get me wrong- Whatever I Say is Royal Ocean, Death Star, and DTBM1 are all awesome albums. I just don't like a few of the songs on them, ya know? But I really like Happiness... and it saddened me when I found out the Kurt left. :(
But anyway, all you fan people should totally tell me what you think about the new song, and how you think the album's gonna be! :D I wanna know what other people think!
Sorry for getting off track...
Rian :)

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