Tuesday, March 8

Happy Mardi Gras!

So, here's the story I was talking about a while ago- it's the story of a teacher's dreams getting crushed. Yes, while that might sound horrible, and it kind of was, it was still pretty funny :)

A month ago today, my English teacher (let's call her Mrs. X) walked into class with beads on and she yelled, "HAPPY MARDI GRAS!" Of course, a majority of us students looked around at each other, with the same message in our eyes- "Um... Mardi Gras is usually in March, right?!" But Mrs. X loves to talk, so she began telling us of how she told all of the other teachers, and how excited she was, and how if we were in New Orleans (because she used to live there), we'd have the day off of school. She also told us of her plans for later that day- she was gonna go to some restaurant and eat some crayfish (exciting, right?). And after about twenty minutes of this, she finally was ready to begin class.
Now, on the other side of the room (at the same time my friends and I were kind of looking at Mrs. X like she had cotton candy sprouting out of her ears), Kristin & a couple of other friends were being productive. One friend (who will be called "K"- and no, this is not a Kokoro reference, I promise), had a relative who lives in New Orleans and decided to text her. So, by the time Mrs. X was ready to begin class, K's relative had already texted back. So K moved to the front of the classroom (we were giving presentations & she was the timer) and said, "Um, Mrs. X? My [relative] who lives in New Orleans said that Mardi Gras is on March 8."
And Mrs. X's face dropped like a rock.
It was hilarious.
Many students started laughing (I will admit to a giggle, because I am a mean person) and Mrs. X became very flustered. She was, of course, very sad to find out that she was a whole month early (as a friend said, "I dunno how they celebrate in New Orleans, but in [state name], we don't celebrate things a month in advance," and "It's like being Christian and not knowing when Christmas is!" haha), and she had told all of the other English teachers that today was Mardi Gras. There was an attempt to make Mrs. X feel better:
Student: Aw, Mrs. X, did you wake up all excited because you thought it was Mardi Gras?
Mrs. X: Yes. :(
Student: Well... now you get to do it again!! :D
Class: LOL
... Obviously that didn't work too well.
And, just as a kid was going to start his presentation, Mrs. X suddenly stood up and began walking toward the door. She quickly explained, "I have to go tell all of the other teachers that today is not Mardi Gras."
As she left, we all looked at each other once again, and thought two things:
1) The other teachers probably already knew that February 8 was not Mardi Gras, and
2) How did her husband let her walk out of the house knowing that it was not Mardi Gras?
We generally believed that he was just gonna let her find out on her own.
When Mrs. X walked back in, she asked us, "Do you see the egg all over my face?" and then, as if we didn't understand, explained, "It's a metaphor." -__- whoa, really?
So that was a good way to start off the day.
Let's hope that today is just as great, yeah?
Happy Mardi Gras!

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