Wednesday, March 16

Spring Break!

Yeah. So... we're pretty much officially half way through Spring Break now.
That stinks.
But it's been pretty fun so far... Kristin's in San Fransisco, so that's why she hasn't posted in a while.
I just haven't posted anything. Sorry.
But for those of you who care (I know there are at least 13 of you haha), I think I'm going to get my driver's license on Friday! I'm kind of excited. And tomorrow, an awesome friend of mine is coming over, and it's gonna be a lot of fun!
Oh. I just painted my nails like rainbows... and that's pretty cool.
Um, so... yeah. I really don't have much to talk about. It's been a pretty mundane Spring Break (if I leave out the hilariousness of Dance Central). How's yours been? I'd love to hear from you random people haha
(this is a lame ending. I'm sorry.)

psst: If you want to request a song for the Awesome Box, feel free! I'm kind of just changing it every once in a while, and usually it's just songs that are stuck in my head at the moment. So, yeah. If you have a song, I might put it up for a while (you know, it's gotta be appropriate, people).

psst2: I totally just remembered to put this on here- I started reading this hilarious comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja! It's super funny, and it involves: A doctor, who is also a ninja. That doctor's family. A twelve-year-old-velociraptor-riding bandito who grew a mustache out of sheer force of will. Ben Franklin's clone. Pirates. and much, much more haha :) give it a look!

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The Delirious Blogger said...

Hello for the second time!

Well, we don't have spring here, since there are only three major 'seasons': sunny, rainy(is that even a word?), and their hybrid(or hybrids). Ever experienced a really strong rain shower while the sun is shining(the kind that makes you think you're in paradise because of the way it hits the trees and all)? Lemme tell you, it's both beautiful and depressing.

It is(as of last Saturday),summer, though,and well,SUMMER!(I don't think I need to substantiate).

Experiences worth mentioning: Being serenaded by my friends while I was in the rest room(long story), ghost appearing in the dorm(we were there for our farewell retreat, also a long story), the whole level above us were mad at our class(talk about being outnumbered, it was their 300-something against our 48. I mean, WTF?),people staring at me two weeks ago because of my fashion sense(my boots, black pants, mini dress and furry bolero against their doll shoes/sneakers,jeans, and tees),a guy in class got a girlfriend(He's cute, yes, but he's the class clown, and he's the very definition of torpe, so we never thought he'd get one.In fact, me and my friends were talking about how it would be one sign of the world ending if he gets one and just hours later, we were shocked(and definitely a bit scared) by the news that he did get one)and finally, I found out about a rumor concerning me(all I know is that there's a rumor, I don't know what).

Wow. I thought this would be the shortest comment in the world, but the opposite happened.

Rian said...

hahaha sounds like you've had a lot of fun!
yes, rainy is a word haha :)
and also- YES. I LOVE when it rains while it's sunny! it's so awesome!

haha i do that all the time- stop by somewhere to leave a quick "hello" and it turns into "here's the story of my life since we've last spoken!" but hey- no big deal :)
thanks for commenting!! :D I really do appreciate this haha
btw- if you haven't already, you should totally like us on facebook (if you have one) because we put some extra stuff up there every once in a while :)

haha see? this was meant to be a "thanks!" comment, but it's pretty long now haha oh well :)