Wednesday, December 7

Kooking with Kristin!

Yes. That's supposed to be "Cooking," but I thought it'd be catchier with a 'k'.
So... Kris & I had to bake a cake today for one of our classes at school. We're having a party on Friday :)
So here's our cake box- look at how elite we are! We got "the best cake" and it's "deluxe" lol

So after carefully reading the instructions and still managing to do it all backwards (we put the water in the bowl,then the cake mix, then the oil, and then the eggs, which proceeded to sink into the batter like it was quick sand), we had some delicious cake batter!

Yum! (yes, we ate some. Gotta love raw eggs!)
Then, after pouring the batter into the pan in delightful scribble masterpieces (i took pictures, but they were really tiny), we placed the cake in the oven to bake.

While we waited for it to bake, we watched the Matchmaker episode of How I Met Your Mother :) it was awesome. Like the Loch Ness Monster ;]

Then finally the cake was done! And it smelled delicious. We might have eaten some of it... but we got some rainbow chip icing to put on it, which is rather delicious, and some purple gel icing to produce the finished dessert:

Yeah. TOK= Theory of Knowledge. That's the class. It's a cool saying because it's a discussion class. TOK it out = talk it out. Yeah :)

And that was this week's episode of Kooking with Kristin! :D haha


2 people were awesome enough to comment.:

Kris said...

That was pretty awesome. By the way, my dad keeps asking if he can eat the cake -__-

Rian said...

hahaha your dad is silly. How's he gonna get mad when I give you a cake, but when I make a cake not for him he wants to eat it!? so silly.