Monday, December 5

Snowman Ring

So, I finished my ring! Here's a picture:

It's super blurry, but I hope you can tell just how cute it is! As you can see, I didn't use the white ring I had been making because I got lazy and didn't feel like finishing it. I used a blue and white striped ring I made earlier this year. It was a little big on me, but with the stuff I added, it actually fits pretty well. :)

So, here are the actual instructions (though none of my instructions are very specific or very good) for the snowman ring!
Basically, I drew the snowman shape on paper and then traced onto the foam, which I cut out very carefully. The eyes and buttons are drawn on with a pen, and the nose is a super tiny foam triangle.

Instead of using a needle and thread like I said, I made a sort of harness thing for the snowman with the scarf... It's probably strangling him. (sorry) Anyway, I just made little loops around the ring and then used the red string to go through them, around the snowman's neck, and tie in the back. I secured the knot with clear nail polish, then glued the back of the snowman to the ring so it wouldn't fall off. To finish the scarf, I glued two pieces of thread together in the middle, folded them under and then over the strangling neck scarf, and then glued that down.

I hope that makes some kind of sense. If not, feel free to comment and tell me how crazy I am. I plan on making more, possibly Christmas trees, more reindeer, or something like that, so I'll post when I do!

Let me know if you found this interesting at all!

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