Tuesday, September 30

Today was weird.

Hello Donut!!
The title pretty much sums it up. but i'm going to go ahead and EXPLAIN why today happened to be weirder than most other days (because EVERYDAY is a weird day).
1st period- orchestra: Nothing happened in orchestra. we played our instruments and girls got their dresses. I don't see how i'm supposed to play a CELLO while wearing a DRESS!!! it'll be REALLY annoying.
2nd period- biology: ugh. we had to do boring things. i was too busy trying to study for next class's quiz (which we didn't have!!) and really didn't pay all that much attention... when i didn't need to. i got all the important things... we had to color DNA and RNA. it was out of a biology COLORING BOOK. kinda strange.
3rd period- student leadership: wOw. this is the most hilarious class on B days. not even kidding. Here's an excerpt of a conversation we were having... well... i guess i should tell you what we were going over before i tell you. so we were talking about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which is a triangle filled with needs. let me see if i can find a picture... well. ok. none like what we did. so i will explain: think pyramid. divide into 6 sections from bottom to top. Bottom section is Physiological, or basic needs like food, breath, and sleep. Next up is Safety, such as shelter and clothes. Then Love and Belongingness, such as a sense of belonging, not like, "oh i'm in LOVE!" yeah. Esteem- not like self-esteem, but like recognition and confidence. Self Actualization, which IS self esteem, which is very temporary and fleeting. Finally, Trancendence- Love of an IDEA beyond SELF. yeah. so here's the conversation: (it's an example of all this stuff... we were on esteem)
Teacher: So you go into a room and are about to take a test, and you think, 'ok. I studied, I know all this stuff.' But as soon as you see the first question, all that confidence just flies out the window. That's when you start to look around and see if anyone ELSE is stuck too.
Person1: That's belongingness!
T: That's right. When you see everyone else WORKING, you start thinking, 'oh, man...' But what you DON'T realize is that everyone else is on question number 2. They just took a look at number 1 and said, 'Well! don't know that!' VWOOP! 'next question!' And then it moves down to Safety, and you start hoping that no one has a gun.
P2: And then you get hungry and have to pee!
T: That's quiet possible.

Yeah. really weird. oh, and Person2 was talking about the basic needs.
period 4- spanish: Today we had a sub. her name was Mrs. Boring. not even kidding. at first we all thought it was some kind of joke and she just hadn't noticed it yet, but it turns out it was ACTUALLY her name! she wasn't boring though. she was actually kind of mean. Like, it was one of my friend's birthday today, and the class was going to start singing to her, but Mrs. Boring stopped us at the first Happy (some people got to Birthday) and said it was going to be too loud. yeah. That's when Person3 and I realized that PHIL and COOGIE WERE MISSING!!!! it was so sad!!! And later on, when we were working, Person4 told me that picar means to chop. and then we realized that Pico de Gallo means something along the lines of "I chop the rooster". IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ROOSTERS!!! weird. yep.
Oh yeah, kristin gave me a sheep- i mean hitsuji (japanese). His name is Shin'yuu. yep. And on the bus, i got a call from some random person, but i couldn't hear what they were saying because there was a dog in the background and the whole time it was all YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP- nonstop. turns out i had no clue who the person was, so i hung up. yep.
Look out for lemons, hitchhiking forks, and rusty sporks!! (help Spoonman!!)
tZvR (RIAN!! is hungry. which means i'm on a physiological level, and nothing else matters. lotio)

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how come my posts are always SO LONG?! it's weird!!!

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