Thursday, June 24

I fail.

Seriously. I don't even know how long it's been since I've even attempted to post. But unfortunately, my summer life is not as exciting as you may think...

I volunteer at the library a lot, which is semifun and semiboring. I end up reading a lot of books. hmm... list of good books I've read so far:
-The Gardener, by S.A. Bodeen
-Alas, Babylon, by Pat Frank
-Kiss of Death, by Rachel Caine (like... the fifth or sixth book in the Morganville Vampires series)
-Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card
-Spirit Bound, but Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy 5)
I'm currently reading Animal Farm, which is pretty good. I tried really hard to read Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World, but they were way too boring. And Fahrenheit 451 had like, fifteen metaphors and similes per page. It was annoying.
So...last night, my mom and I were looking through some of my grandpa's coins (he had a lot...) to see if any of them were worth anything. It was fun, but also really aggravating. Here's how it usually went:
Mom: Oh, it says a rare date is 1912! Look for one.
Me: -looking- Oh, I found one!
Mom: Yay! has to have an S on it somewhere.
Me: What?! I don't see any S.
Mom: What about a D?
Me: Nope...
Mom: well...that's worth about 75 cents...
Me: Yay. -finds twelve more of the exact same coin.
and then....
Me: oh my gosh! I found it! (referring to a 1943 penny)
Mom: Really?! It says the rare ones don't stick to a magnet..
me: Darn. -runs to kitchen to get magnet. penny sticks.-
Anyway, you get the point. also, it didn't really help that it was 12:30 at night.
We did, however, find a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar with a D on it... and one website said there were only a few made, so we were very excited about that.
So, i you didn't want to know all of this, I'm sorry. If you did, yay! I've become a mind reader.

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Anonymous said...

You should read Ender's shadow. It's the sequel to Ender's Game. i agree with you on Fahrenheit 451, but I like Brave New World. Some other good books are The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy by Douglas Adams (actually 5 books), Flowers for Algernon, The Three Musketeers, and The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov.

Kris said...

I've read the Hitchhiker's guide, but none of the other books you mentioned. thanks for the recommendations! They all sound really interesting..